Exciting News on Efforts to Protect and Restore the Barber Pool Conservation Area!

Barber Pool Conservation Area Master Plan

The Barber Pool Master Plan includes goals, objectives, and key management strategies for managing and enhancing wildlife habitat, providing appropriate sites for human use and recreation, and conducting public education and outreach. This Plan captures the shared vision of the Barber Pool stakeholders, including landowners in and around the area, neighbors, state and local government agencies, educators, environmental and interest groups, and corporate partners and businesses. The Plan includes maps indicating property ownership and uses, existing and potential recreational features and access points, and the location of key habitat enhancement areas.

Nearly 30 people, composing the “Partners” group, were involved in every step of the planning through the final production. An additional 30 people, called the “Friends” group, provided key insights and subject matter expertise, as well as participating in planning workshops. This broad diversity of stakeholders created a cohesive and exciting vision for managing the area going forward. The plan was completed in March 2022.

Master Plan: Vision, Goals and Objectives

This master planning effort has been completed in phases. The first phase of the plan, which created a common understanding of resources, opportunities, and challenges, is summarized in the document below from September 2020.

Enhancing the Barber Pool: Planning the Future

The Barber Pool Conservation Area was first planned and studied more than 20 years ago, in a similar collaborative effort with landowners, agencies, and the US Army Corps of Engineers. The 2002 Master Plan documents and maps are provided below.

2002 ACOE Master Plan PDF
Maps for the ACOE 2002 A&I