Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  At least not here.  Not in our little corner of Idaho.

The Idaho Foundation is cleaning up the recently acquired Gregerson property, the last large privately owned parcel of land in the 450 acre Barber Pool Wildlife Preserve. Instead of being developed into yet another massive subdivision, this 36 acre parcel of land – with nearly a mile of river frontage – will now be protected and maintained along with the rest of the Preserve for the benefit of wildlife and future generations of Boiseans.  You’re feeling better already, right?

Well, here’s some more good news.  Your donation of time, money, and/or construction equipment will help us properly recycle and dispose of over a thousand cubic yards of abandoned vehicles, farm equipment, old tires, discarded lumber, broken down appliances and assorted other junk.  Removal of these items will permit us to move forward with restoration of this property to its natural beauty.  Already, with the help of generous donors, the strong backs of neighborhood volunteers, and equipment donated by local contractors, we’ve removed over 1100 tires, 20 large dumpsters of recyclables, and 17 dumpsters of trash, as well as numerous old cars, trucks and farm vehicles.

But we still have a long way to go.  So, on Earth Day, or any day, please help us clean up the Gregerson property.  I guarantee you will feel better about this messed up world.  The pictures of our happy volunteers prove it!

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Skippy’s Update

2021 Accomplishments

  • 538 Volunteer hours
  • Tires Removed – 1,140
  • Trash Removed – 140 cubic yards
  • Metal Recycled – 495 cubic yards
  • 7 vehicles and 3 tractors have been rehomed

2022 Accomplishments – 1st Quarter

  • Co-Mascot Scrappy joins the team
  • 51.5 Volunteer hours
  • Building Material Removed – 260 cubic yards
  • Trash Removed – 30 cubic yards
  • Metal Recycled – 20 cubic yards
  • 3 vehicles rehomed

We’d like to thank the following companies who have donated their time and equipment to the cleanup project.

  • Warner Construction
  • DEQ
  • Tates Rents
  • Pacific Recycling
  • Jitasa Group
  • Ada County Landfill

Skippy, Scrappy and the rest of us here at IFPL are absolutely overwhelmed and so grateful to live in such a caring and generous community! A million thanks!!!

If you would like to volunteer to help with the clean-up, please contact Stephani Hilding at

Project Goal: $25,000

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