Overall Project:

Have you ever wanted to see your name emblazoned on a used tire? Well now’s your chance! IFPL has launched a plan to clean up the recently acquired Gregerson property in the Barber Pool Conservation area, but we need your help to achieve this goal!

The Gregerson property was the last large privately owned parcel within the Barber Pool, with nearly a mile of frontage on the Boise river.  Instead of being developed into a large subdivision, it will now be protected and maintained as a wildlife reserve.

Your donation will help us pay to properly dispose of hundreds of tires and over a thousand cubic yards of abandoned vehicles and farm equipment, discarded lumber and building materials, broken down appliances and assorted other junk.  Removal of these items will permit us to move forward with restoration of the property to its natural beauty.

Best of all, you’ll receive a personal note from the tire you sponsor, including the spell-binding saga of its life and retirement in the Barber Pool.

Project Goal: $25,000

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Tires at Barber Pool

Piles of tires at Barber Pool