Our Historical Impact in Idaho

Preservation begins with people. Pick a spot, any spot in the State of Idaho. Give it a special effect—exciting geology, beautiful scenery, fine fishing, farm or ranch land, parkland or open space. If possible, give it some breathing space and not too many buildings or crowded areas. These settings represent the makings of a land trust.

By the end of our 50th year (2022), we have:
– Collaborated with Idaho Parks & Rec to create 1,700 acres of public land
– Preserved 7,431 acres in agricultural easements to restore grazing lands and enhance wildlife habitat
– Protected over 1,500 acres as untouched natural spaces

It would be impossible to rank the accomplishments of the Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands in order of importance, but in chronological order of acceptance, here is a sampling of our most significant land projects to date:


“Bear Track” Williams Area: Public

450 acres of fishing preserve along the Little Wood River, donated by Ernest Hemingway’s family in honor of his favorite fishing guide, Taylor “Bear Track” Williams.


Harriman East: Public

1000 acres adjoining the Railroad Ranch in Island Park, known as Harriman East; home of the trumpeter swan and the blue-ribbon Henry’s Fork fishery; held by the foundation until 1994. Donated by E. Roland and W. Averell Harriman.


Veteran’s Memorial State Park: Public

Boise Cascade Lake, 35 acres in Veteran’s Memorial State Park. Transferred to Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation in 1977 as one of three Bicentennial State Parks.


Reinheimer Ranch: Protected

Reinheimer Ranch, received by bequest of Eleanor Reinheimer: 110 acres to be maintained as open space adjacent to the cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley. This property lies between Dollar Mountain and the River Run base of Bald Mountain.


Barber Pool Conservation Area: Protected

411 acres containing significant wildlife and habitat values, located within six miles of downtown Boise. Donated by Boise Cascade. Chosen as one of the state’s 12 unique ecosystems and a Boise City Heritage Site.


Dollar Mountain: Protected

One acre on the top of Dollar Mountain, donated by Elkhorn at Sun Valley for the “Buy an Inch…Save an Acre” campaign.


Warm Springs Golf Course: Public

28 acres, a portion of Warm Springs Golf Course transferred to the city of Boise Parks and Recreation Department in 1992. Donated by Orida Investments.


Smith Ranch: Protected

11 acres of scenic easement to operate as a buffer to the Barber Pool Conservation Area.


Ruth Rowell Modie Wildlife Park: Public

A natural habitat corridor held and transferred to the city of Lewiston in 2006. Donated by Don Modie.


River’s Edge Ranch: Protected

55 acres of River’s Edge Ranch: a benchmark nature preserve on the Big Wood River adjacent to Sun Valley and Ketchum, donated by Helen M. Fassett.


Lake Fork Creek: Protected

51.5 acre tract along Lake Fork Creek near McCall providing a permanent niche for birds, animals and flora, donated by Nelle Tobias.


Open Space for American Falls: Public

11.7 acres destined for use as a park or permanent open space for the city of American Falls, donated by the Warrick family; re-conveyed in 2004.


Veteran’s Centennial Park: Public

16 acres on Fernan Hill donated anonymously, being held for the city of Coeur d’Alene as the future Veteran’s Centennial Park. Transferred to the Coeur d’Alene Park Foundation in 2006.


Plantation Island: Protected

8.6 acre Boise River Island donated as part of the Settlement Agreement for the Boise River Greenbelt by Gregory Jackson and Sheila Smith. Potential exchange property and of value to the public by accommodating bridge and trail construction for Boise River Greenbelt.


Salmon River East Fork: Protected

321-acre Conservation Easement of the East Fork of the Salmon River, donated by the Insinger family. Current owners are Ken Ryan, Pocatello and Robert Kopf, Pennsylvania.


McDevitt Youth Sports Complex: Public

39 acres transferred to the City of Boise in 1993.


Axline Conservation Easement: Protected

50 acres crosscut by the confluence of Challis and Bear Creeks, donated by Keith and Patricia Axline.


Link Conservation Easement: Protected

141 acres of significant natural, agricultural and open space resources in Hansen donated by Peter M. Link. Owned currently by Brent Funk


Crosstimber Ranch: Protected

This historic barn and two residential lots it resides on in Creekside at Crosstimber Ranch Subdivision in Garden Valley was donated by Jon L. and Mimi Barnes.

2006 and 2007

Harris Ranch Conservation Easement: Protected

23 acres, 13 of which are wetlands, preserved via Conservation Easement by the Harris Family Limited Partnership.


Elliott Creek: Protected

191-acre Conservation Easement of riparian wetlands and associated uplands providing habitat for a diversity of wildlife species

2008 and 2009

Prometierra: Protected

427 acres Conservation Easement known as Sky Mountain Ranch located in the Driggs area. This was historically part of the Drake Homestead established in 1889, and was donated by Richard and Susan Richardson owners of Prometierra LLC.


Gregerson Property in Barber Valley: Protected

The property was covered with discarded cars, tires, machinery and mining equipment. Instead of being developed into yet another massive subdivision, this 36 acre parcel of land – with nearly a mile of river frontage – will now be restored and protected.


18 Mile Ranch: Protected

TR Shelbu donated the 18 Mile Ranch in memory of his late wife, Emily Stone. The generous gift of lands comes with TR’s wish to preserve the 7,180-acre property as a working ranch while continuing to support more than 20 years of conservation to restore grazing lands and enhance fish and wildlife habitat.