Our Directors


  • Judy Peavey-Derr, Boise, President
  • Trevor Kramer, Parma, Vice President
  • Stephani Hilding, Boise, Secretary/Treasurer

Board Members:

  • Barbara Cugini, Boise
  • Terry Gestrin, Donnelly
  • Allison Korte, Boise
  • Larry Leasure, Boise
  • Jim Patrick, Twin Falls
  • Michael Popa, Boise
  • Tom Williams, Boise
  • Brandy Wilson, Boise
  • Sharon Hubler, Caldwell, Past President
  • Brian McDevitt, Boise, Past President

Our Staff

Mackenzie Bannister, Executive DirectorI am a Master’s student, a mother of two, and an Idahoan. I am honored to serve my neighbors by working today to protect Idaho’s tomorrow.