Reinheimer Ranch Preservation Fund

The Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands has sustainably managed Reinheimer Ranch for nearly 50 years. Now, the time has come for our community to take its commitment to conservation a step further and ensure it thrives for generations financially, and also implement a better irrigation system that will both save water usage and improve the Trail Creek as a functional fish habitat.

Please join us in establishing an endowment to protect and support the ranch and its ecosystem for the next 50 years. You can help by clicking button below, or contact us at if you would like to explore other ways to support the Ranch.

Reinheimer Ranch

Reinheimer Ranch was donated to IFPL in 1977 by Eleanor Reinheimer. The Ranch consists of 110 acres and is maintained as open space adjacent to the city of Ketchum. This property lies between Dollar Mountain and the River Run base of Bald Mountain and is probably the most memorable visual feature reflecting the rustic, rural character of old Ketchum. Preserving the Reinheimer Ranch, including the agriculture fields, serves as an important visual, cultural and historical resource symbolizing the heritage of Ketchum within the entrance corridor.

Reinheimer Ranch’ historical barn roof collapsed in the winter of 2017 and is now repaired