Barber Pool Conservation Area

Do you enjoy seeing bald eagles soar above the Boise River? Do you want to make sure your children and grandchildren will also see this magnificent sight?

There is a hidden treasure in Boise’s Barber Valley. The 425 acre Barber Pool Conservation Area which is home to hundreds of species of wildlife, fish and birds, including one of the last active nesting sites of bald eagles in Boise. With the Boise River flowing through, it is one of the largest wildlife refuges in an American city. It provides natural beauty and inspiration for you and your neighbors.

The area also provides critical winter habitat for deer and is an important stop for birds migrating between North and South America. The black cottonwood trees growing along the river provide prime roosting sites for osprey, bald eagles and other large raptors. Over 300 species call this place home.

The Barber Pool Conservation Area is a sanctuary in the heart of one of the fastest growing urban areas in the country. The Barber Valley itself is in the midst of massive growth, with commercial development and thousands of additional homes yet to be built.

You can help protect this special place

The last and most critical of the private holdings within the Barber Pool, a 34-acre parcel owned by the Gregerson family, is now under contract to be purchased by IFPL. This was the largest single riverfront property still privately held in Boise. Acquiring and preserving this parcel is vital to maintaining the biological integrity of the Barber Pool Conservation Area, and to preventing the irreparable damage that would occur if this fragile and rare riparian habitat is developed.

IFPL, Idaho’s oldest land trust, is leading the Campaign for Barber Pool Conservation Area to permanently protect this treasure. Campaign goals include raising $3 million to purchase the Gregerson property, to restore the entire sanctuary, and to develop a comprehensive land and river management plan to ensure its ongoing care.

2002 Barber Pool Report pdf

Time is of the essence. You can help protect this unique wildlife refuge