Overall Project:

The overall project is expected to cost between $160,000 and $200,000 for grouting abutments, restoring the island, rip-rap protection of the embankment, repairing the pathway and restoring the bridge.

FEMA has issued a reimbursement grant to the Idaho Foundation, through the Idaho Office of Emergency Management.  The award is for 75% of the estimated project.  Once the repair is done and paid for, FEMA will reimburse the Idaho Foundation for the repair work.

We needed to raise $75,000 to begin the repair project this winter.  Work in the Boise River, of this type, is limited to low water flows.  Once irrigation season is over, and snow accumulation begins, the Boise River drops to approximately 400 cfs (cubic feet per second). This flow lasts until February or March, when the Corps of Engineers begin to release water from the three dam complex to anticipate flood control.  This leaves us with a short window this winter to accomplish the project, or our next window of opportunity is January 2020.

Project Goal:

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